Accreditation of Warehouses

Accreditation Of Warehouses

The primary objective of NCMCL is the accreditation of warehouses. The process of accreditation shall revolve around a resolute process flow that entails documentation and standards aligned with the Collateral Management Regulations, Warehousing Guidelines and Standard Operating Procedures. The process shall be undertaken by:

a. Naymat’s team of professionals.
b. Third party providers.

The process revolves around an in-depth analysis by experts that are skilled in agribusiness dynamics. A multi-pronged assessment is undertaken that includes review of physical infrastructure of the warehousing facility, testing and commodity grading capability, security protocols and other critical technical details as laid down in the CMC regulations, SOPs and warehousing guidelines.

Accreditation Process

A Warehouse Operator desirous to get his warehouse accredited will approach NCMCL where NCMCL’s Sales and Marketing (S&M) personnel will coordinate with the potential customer (Warehouse Operator) for launching the application and completing the formalities.

After the initial application process is reviewed and approved by NCMCL, the application will be referred to an approved third party service provider for an on-site assessment of the facility as per the accreditation process.

In case of approval, an Accreditation Certificate will be issued to the warehouse.

In case of any observations, the customer shall be notified of the corrective measures to be implemented in the warehouse and a follow-up visit by NCMCL shall be duly agreed upon.

Current Accreditations